2020 Senior Thesis

Working within the fashion industry has given me the opportunity to design for a consumer while working with content that I am passionate about. I am certain I want a future career within this industry, but I am faced with how harmful its practices are for the environment first-hand. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to humanity’s carbon emissions, ocean pollution, and water consumption. While this is something that is often called to my attention, college students are not as concerned with this issue. My body of work showcases the merging of my love for fashion and sustainability to help interest and educate those around me. 


Footprint explores alternative ways of creating and designing through extensive research, digital experiments, environmental projections, and self-made apparel from recycled materials. I chose to use plastic grocery bags as my canvas, an abundant material while creating at home in 2020. Although our Earth is healing during this time, I am curious about the future. Will we return to our previous ways of harmful production? What happens when our earth can no longer support the manufacturing of fast fashion? What will we use to cover our bodies, keep warm, and express ourselves? My overall thesis exhibition is intended to educate, promote, and excite my college community about sustainability within the fashion industry.